Procurement support

and equipment

Equipment and software for radiopharmaceutical production
Everything, that is necessary for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals in the presence of a cyclotron
Even if you are just getting acquainted with nuclear medicine, our experienced specialists will help you choose equipment that is profitable in the long term.

01 - radiopharmaceuticals

Laboratory equipment
and consumables
02 - laboratory
Shielding equipment for synthesis, packaging, opening of samples of radiopharmaceuticals
Turn-key equipment for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals
Radiation monitoring equipment
Consumables for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals
Medical equipment
03 - medicine
Lung Functional Imaging Generator for the Diagnosis of Lung Diseases TechnegasPlus
you can obtain
04 - services
Problem solving in 72 hours
Equipment qualification: installation (IQ), operation (OQ), operation (PQ)
Guarantee of uninterrupted operation of equipment for a reasonable fee
GMP Compliance
Service subscription: checking components and replacing consumable equipment
Support in choosing equipment
Leave your question, our experts will help you.
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